Back in Town

I survived my 40th birthday without incident.  We travelled to the far north of the North Island to stay at my parents home.  I guess that would be with the Paua King and Queen?

Staying with ones parents is generally a unique experience.  They do say you can’t go home and to a certain extent it’s true.  I live quite differently now than I did at home, yet when I do go home, I fall into the old patterns.  I bow to the superiority of my father’s intellect.  I ensure my stuff is put away and eat what I am given.  It seems the pipis follow my lead.

The Paua Queen stood on the Princes’ sunglasses.  Completely mangled them, the arms didn’t just pop off they flew in completely different directions and bounced around on the ground a bit.  We were all fairly errrr merry, sitting in the sun with a nice glass of Lindy will make one a little merry. 

Anyway the Paua Queen wanted me to fix the glasses before the Prince found out.  No dice those glasses were irretrievably broken, so then she tried to make me take the blame, “he won’t be mad at you because it’s your birthday!” she whined.  No, Nope, Nuh Uh, No Way!  So she tried my elder brother, he just laughed in her face!

So the Prince comes out and finds me holding his glasses.  The Pipi Princess rushes up, throws her arms around her father’s legs and tells him “Nana didn’t mean to break your glasses Daddy” so the games up.  Canyon gob! hisses the Queen to the Pipi Princess, then she apologises to the Prince for breaking them and not being able to give up the game while she’s ahead, she tells the Prince it was his fault for leaving them on the ground, on his hat, under his chair!  Prince could have been happier!

So my elder brother hence forth to be known as the court jester and I, were completely unable to leave it alone either.  We held a mock funeral for the sunglasses, arguing over the appropriate number of pall bearers and suitable hymns, so on and so forth, I wanted I can see clearly now the rain has gone playing. 

Both the Queen and the Prince found us singularly unamusing.  The King stepped in and handed over a pair of glasses he’d purchased not realising at the time they were “girls glasses”.  I opened the package to find they were adorned with…Pearls!  This development reduced the jester and myself to the ground laughing so hard I became concerned for the strength of my pelvic floor muscles.  When the King confessed that he’d offered them as a gift to the Pipi Princess who’d taken a cursory glance and turned them down, I became concerned for the strength of the jesters pelvic floor muscles and I wasn’t even sure he had them.  We challenged the King to wear them to the local show, along with gumboots with daisies and to go up to the biggest toughest farmer he could find, then ask how much pull his tractor has!  The King declined vigorously but could at least see the humour in the situation.

I guess ya had to be there….


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