The Paua Palace

Welcome to the New and improved Paua Palace. I’ve decided to get a little organised about what I do. I want to create a more informative site that reflects my diverse interests. I hope you enjoy the new format. Go to the rants page to see the lastest postings in the Palace or go directly to the room you require, the menu is in the sidebar on the right. For the record, The Paua Princess is a happily married woman of 14 yrs standing with two wee pipis and a handsome Prince of a husband who more often than not indulges the Princess with her whims and fancies but just occasionally puts his foot down to reign her in.

So I childproofed my home…but they keep getting in!

Copyright © 2007, 2008 by Paua Princess. All rights reserved. Any page on this site, including any original pictures, graphics and editorial material within it, will not be republished, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior WRITTEN permission of the owner. For permission to use any of the material contained within this blog please contact me


2 Responses to “The Paua Palace”

  1. panoramia Says:

    Very impressive!
    I like it, uncluttered and packing power. Good one!

  2. wordsseldomsaid Says:

    hey it looks great…good luck and i hope to read more from you…

    your friendly neighborhood wierdo…

    theseldomscene….or rather wordseldomsaid…one of the two but both are one and the same…

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