When did pregnancy become public property?

While I am not currently pregnant, nor am I intending to become pregnant, I do hang out at parenting message boards.  Something I have noticed with increasing frequency is the number of pregnant women complaining about complete strangers feeling free to give their opinions to pregnant women.

It’s as if being pregnant makes you public property. 

Back when I was pregnant with the princeling 11 odd years ago, I was literally afraid to take off my wedding ring.  Even in the relatively enlightened 1990’s, being a pregnant woman without a wedding ring was an invitation to dried up old biddies to glare at me at the mall or in the doctors office.  It’s almost as bad as taking a child with a black eye to the doctors, the pensioners glare at you accusingly, you can see the word “child beater” in their eyes, when you are pregnant without a ring, child beater becomes “slag”.  So even when my fingers resembled overstuffed sausages and I had to remove my engagement ring, that wedding ring remained on!

Apparently these days, it doesn’t stop at glares and it doesn’t end with the absence of a ring.

The new generation of nosy parker feels free to accost a pregnant women and debate an order for a cup of coffee, refuse to serve them even!  Don’t even think of buying alcohol when you are pregnant, even if the attendant is willing to serve you, some dragon in line will threaten to call the Police on you, never mind that 6 pack is for your partner or the fact it’s not against the law, if you are pregnant even being in a liquor store is tantamount to a 60oz bottle of spirits a day habit and you should be in jail.  Oh and for pity’s sake, don’t pick up a pack of cigarettes for anyone! 

Pregnant women are NOT public property! A baby bump is not an invitation to be petted without permission, to receive the unsolicited advice of strangers and to have their moral judgements thrust upon you.

Being pregnant is not equivalent to wearing a badge that says educate me!  You can take a badge off when you are sick of being educated after all, pregnancy lasts 10 months and don’t even get me started about the unsolicited advice that comes your way once you give birth!

One of these days, one of these nosy old bags is going to pick on the wrong pregnant, hormonal mother to be.  She’s going to rip off the arm that streaks out to “feel” the baby without asking first and bite the head off the person who refuses to sell her that cup of coffee.

I just hope the jury is made up of women who’ve recently given birth….. they’ll never convict!


One Response to “When did pregnancy become public property?”

  1. OMG! I know! This has all happened to me, and recently, as our youngest is only 17 weeks.

    Because I am an older mother (gave birth 6 weeks before my 40th birthday) everyone made the assumption that I had conceived by IVF (didn’t) and had their 2c worth to say about that too!

    LOVE your blog!

    I just starting blogging for the first time yesterday! Posted my second today *blushes* Took me months to work up the courage to have a go. So many awesome blogs out there!

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