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These guys are Th’ Dudes Here is an article from the Herald about them 70’s pub band that spawned more successful music careers than any other, although you could argue Split Enz were more famous.  You might recognise Dave Dobbyn with the ‘fro and striped shirt.  This is the quintessential kiwi drinking song, a staple at every party in my teens.  Even now, 20 odd years later, you put Bliss on the cd player (its been remastered for us oldies) and anyone in the room over 20 starts pogo dancing.

Dragon, a kiwi band the Aussies tried to steal.  Hard rocking Hunter bros Marc and Todd, I remember thinking Marc Hunter was gorgeous, you’ll see why in the next video, Are you old enough.  Another party staple in my youth.  Sadly Marc Hunter died of cancer.  Oh but his mullet was devine!  April sun in Cuba was another great song they sang.  These videos are filmed in Australia, Kings Cross in Sydney and Melbourne by the looks of them.


When I was 15 (1983) I went to the David Bowie Serious Moonlight tour, The Dance Exponents opened the show, this is one of the songs they played and I loved. Victoria.  They are still around but call themselves the Exponents now.  Lead singer Jordan Luck demonstrates Heroine chic years ahead of his time.

The Netherworld Dancing Toys featuring Annie Crummer.  I remember wanting a checked brushed cotton work shirt like that so badly, I nicked my Dad’s, they were the epitome of chic let me assure you!  If you watch the video carefully you can see they are sailing across the Cooks Strait on the old inter islander ferry Arahura.

The Patea Maori Club became a hit in the early 80’s with Poi E.  Check out the break dancing dude in the white gloves.  Long story short, the freezing works closed in Patea which is a small rural town, this video reinvigorated interest in both Maori music and Patea, the entire town was involved and the white balls they are swinging are called Poi.

When the Cat’s away were the cream of the female singing talent in NZ in the late 80’s.  I first heard them perform this song live at the curtain raiser for the Australia v NZ league match way back when.  I positively stalked the local record store until the 45 rpm single was mine, that’s how long ago this was.  You can see Annie Crummer is growing more sophisticated.

Jon Stevens, another one the Aussies tried to claim.  This song R.I.P Millie was about his grandmother from memory.  It’s a lovely song and I still have it on cd.  I used to think Jon Stevens was a hottie too.  He did a version of Montego bay that made all the girls swoon in the 70’s.

No collection of Kiwi sounds would be complete without Slice of Heaven, Dave Dobbyn and Herbs theme song for the Footrot Flats movie.    Footrot Flats was a daily cartoon in the paper for years.  We all love the Dog, Wal, Jess and Horse the cat was my personal favourite.


The Haka

NZ v England, Eden Park Haka led by Tana Umanga


This one for an Adidas ad, Buck Shelford may have got the AB’s doing the Haka right, but Taine Randall takes it to new heights.  In my opinion he really put the passion into the haka.


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