CRW_0003Playing with cars on the motorway, my adventures with the New Zealand Flickr Meet ups club, a group of kiwi photographers both amateur and professional who get together and go out as a group. More
High Dynamic Range Photography:  Some information about HDR and my first effort at processing using the method.  More 
Competitions, Themes and Assignments: Have you heard of it?  I hadn’t until I stumbled across it in the NZherald.  It ran from May 30 to June 22. You can

read all about it

Wharf b&w I went out for a wander this afternoon, it was an overcast day in town, out on Manukau Harbour it was misty, but the light was coming through the clouds fairly well.  A softer midday sun with cloud diffusion. More
The Click monthly photo competition is held at one of my favourite sites, Jugalbandi.  This month it is for a very special cause, Yellow for Bri who is one of the 5% of women under 30 who are diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Click to see more
An ANZAC Day photo essay, beginning on the evening of the 24th begins here
I wanted to document the day we stop and remember those who came before us, who fell on the battlefields of wars in the past century and continue to fall in wars now.  Our national day of remembrance, shared with our comrades in Australia, in pictures.
falls1Today we went for a 4km walk in the bush to the upper Nihotupu Dam, the Princeling and his class visited for a school project on water and he thought I would like to take pictures of the falls.  He was right.  The prospect of 3 different sets of falls to shoot was irresistible. More
Mission bay jan08What do you do on a balmy summer evening in Auckland when you’ve just purchased a nice new car?  Well you go out for a drive and buy dinner of course.More
So, I’ve got poor person’s macro.  A set of stackable magnifying lenses that screw onto the front of my prime lens, like a uv or polarising filter.  They increase magnification by  1, 2, and 4 times and you can use them one at a time or stack them all together for the ultimate in magnification.More
Jaedxmas07 copy
I like my children in black and white, it seems to bring out the character far more than the distraction of a colour image.There are a couple of different ways to convert an image.  Not all of them are as attractive as my preferred method which I shall explain. More 
bee When taking photos, I use what is known as the RAW image format.  Some higher end point and shoot digital cameras offer RAW as an alternative to JPEG and TIFF, for example my Sony Cybershot DSC F828 did.  If you have the option, it’s worth while using it and to find out why, I will explain a little about the RAW format as I understand it. More
PihasunsetFor years I wanted to take interesting photos, however with film, space and the cost were prohibitive. Well thankfully along came digital photography and it opened a whole new and accessible world to me. Suddenly my laptop was a darkroom. More

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