Holmes on Veitch: the final word

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In yesterdays NZ Herald Paul Holmes gave his view on the affair.  Holmes is a personal friend and colleague of Veitch, he interviewed Veitch a week after the official press conference when Veitch admitted to “lashing out” and it is rumoured that Holmes penned the statement given at the conference.  I am determined he shouldn’t have the last word.

Holmes likes a dramatic phrase, and his opening comment is indicative of this…

“It is over. His battle is lost. Tony Veitch’s career and perhaps his life lie in ruins this weekend.”

Holmes goes on to reveal how shocked and amazed all of Veitch’s friends and colleagues are, how Veitch has so suddenly lost everything.  As far as I am concerned, the last part of that sentence is telling.  Veitch like Holmes, is/was a celebrity, known because he was on tv, not because he was a philanthropist, a great inventor or for his wonderful contributions to society, but because he was a sports journalist with a pretty face.  Like all celebrities, his fame was in the hands of his public.  Holmes and his colleagues would do well to have a reminder as to how fickle the general public can be. 

“I do not remember a more savage, more frenzied, more complete media consumption of anyone in the public eye. I do not recall anything as ruthless, as relentless, as coldly pitiless. In fact, I believe, and I am not alone, that Tony Veitch has been the victim of a highly organised campaign.”

And here we hit the crux of the matter, Holmes begins his thinly veiled attempt to smear the victim. 

“There are serious questions. What happened that night? What are the facts? Why did it take the woman well over two years to complain to police? This is of fundamental importance. Why did the whole sorry saga start in a newspaper? Why did it take it so long to emerge? And why now?”

Evidently he’s no Sherlock.  It doesn’t take much imagination to conject that perhaps somewhere amongst Kirsten Dunne-Powell’s friends and acquaintances, is a person who believes that Kirsten did the wrong thing.  Someone who thinks that $170,000 is nothing compared to what Veitch got away with.  Or perhaps it was Kirsten herself?  Last week Veitch in the Holmes interview, admitted that he’d had subsequent contacts with Dunne-Powell following the assault, making it seem as though following his “lashing out” they were on friendly terms.  Then we had the revelations that he left her laying on the floor for up to 6 hours, that she approached him for money and made serious demands after he kept attempting to negotiate a lower number.

“I do not minimise the evils and brutality of domestic violence. Men who bash their families serially are contemptible brutes. Yet, as the kinder part of my heart tells me, those men are victims too, victims of their inner selves and the lives that led them to it.

But this has been a carefully orchestrated plan to end a career and the life a man has built. A valuable broadcasting performer has been taken out of two prime broadcasting slots, the Radio Sport Breakfast Show and One News. Instead of us seeing justice, we may have been seeing revenge. Instead of journalism, we may have seen commerce.”

Holmes states he doesn’t minimise the evils of domestic violence, then proceeds to do exactly that.  If Holmes had Derek Fox on his show for an interview about the allegations of domestic violence against him, how sympathetic would Holmes be on air? Do you think Holmes would see Fox as a victim of his inner self and former life? No, I can’t see the self proclaimed hard hitting interviewer who chased Dennis Connor off set showing his sympathetic side at all.

A valuable broadcasting performer has completely lost his value and you can’t tell me that there isn’t a queue of young journalists with equal or greater talent, just waiting for an opportunity to spread their wings.  No doubt dying to become the face of TV sports, wanting the love and attention of the people of NZ.

“Did events in Tony Veitch’s life provoke them?”

You betcha events in Tony’s life provoked them, he allegedly beat a woman into a wheel chair!  What really annoys me, is that Holmes thinks it’s awful that Veitch can’t defend himself for fear of incriminating himself.  To me that’s self explanatory, if he’s going to incriminate himself by speaking up, then obviously the odious little man is guilty!

The rest of Holmes article is self serving, trying to extract pity for himself and others who are friends, colleagues and acquaintances of Veitch, it’s been a harrowing time for them.  Interestingly, he expresses not one jot of empathy for the victim in this matter, a woman who was beaten and kicked to the point of hospitalisation.

To my mind, this self serving pile of poo, Holmes has penned is yet another nail in the coffin of Veitch’s career.  You cannot defend the indefensible.  There is no excuse and whether or not there is a conspiracy against Veitch, his own actions were the cause.  Holmes should shut his trap, before the people who allow him, his lifestyle and fame, turn on him too.


Ma Xin Xin

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On Monday, The Prince and I took the children down to the Waikato for a day trip.  Upon our return that evening I was horrified to hear of abduction of a 5 xinxinyear old girl, by a masked man who put her into a silver car and drove away, whilst playing outside her home in a quiet suburban street with her cousin Max.

It’s now Friday and there is no word of Ma Xin Xin.

The media are somewhat critical about the lack of information coming forth from the Police.  So far all that has been said is that the premeditated nature of this crime, has lead Police to conclude that this was not a random act.   A statement to reassure the public that some crazed Paedophile isn’t snatching little girls as the opportunity arises.

The Police have also released a statement in answer to the media criticism stating that their number one priority is the safe return of Ma Xin Xin to her family, when they have information that they believe is critical for the public at large to know, they will release it.

Sounds sensible to me.  But continued critcisim is having an effect… This from Sky Kiwi’s website

Albany resident Rose Zhang said: “There seems to be more questions than answers to this case. Like why … haven’t the police released more details such as the picture of the vehicle involved or description of the man who kidnapped Xin Xin?”

Perhaps because the only witness was an 8 year old child who described a silver car and a masked man Rose?

The media, having nothing official to report are now reporting speculation.  So called associates of Ma Jian are said to have been turning up at a prior home, asking for money owed.  There’s talk of Triads, questions as to whether Xin Xin’s father Ma Jian arranged the abduction because Xin Xin was not allowed to go visit her paternal grandparents.  Someone has even suggested that the abductor was Chinese because little Xin Xin cried out in Mandarin for help.

None of this is productive.

Yes, we all feel for the family.  We all want to know that Xin Xin has been safely returned to them and I’m sure that somewhere inside us all, we want to know the reasons why this happened.

But at what cost?

Are the interests of the public to be put above the life of a child?  Does our interest outweigh her safety?

I for one am confident that should the Police require the help of the public, they will ask for it.  They have assured us this was a premeditated crime, allaying our fears is a requirement, but that should be sufficient.  Unless of course, they have someone of interest to locate or a sighting.

Meanwhile all we need to do is keep our eyes open for the little girl in the top left of this screen.

Xin Xin Ma has been safely returned to her family following a Police Operation, the details of which have yet to be released.

Formal Complaint laid against Veitch

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Auckland City Police investigating allegations of assault by Mr Tony Veitch can confirm that they have received a formal complaint from the former partner named in the media. Police have nothing further to add at this stage.

Noreen Hegarty

Police Media Officer.

That’s the Police media release that came out at 5:41pm last night. (source NZ Police)

At 2pm yesterday afternoon Tony Veitch released the following statement:

I have tendered my resignation to TVNZ and The Radio Network today.

I need to take stock of my life and spend time with my family before I make any decisions about my future. At the time I undertook counselling and am still continuing to do so. It has been a great help. I am extremely grateful for the love and support of my family and friends.

I would ask that people now respect the agreement Kristin and I made to keep our personal affairs private. At all times I have been honest with my employers and at all times I have tried to do the right thing for everyone. TVNZ has been my life, I have loved my job. There have been a lot of statements made that are untrue which make it untenable now for me to continue in my current roles with TVNZ and the Radio Network.

I would like to thank both TVNZ and The Radio Network for their ongoing support. I would also like to thank the many individuals who have reminded me of their belief in me at a time such as this. It gives me strength for the future. (source NZ Herald)

So it’s taken over a week but both parties in this affair have done the right thing, Kristen Dunne-Powell has laid a complaint and Tony Veitch has fallen on his sword.  What astounds me is that once the matter became public, both chose to try to weather the storm so to speak.

What would have been the outcome with regards to public opinion had Veitch taken the sword falling option in the first instance? You’d think those inside the media would be a little savvy wouldn’t you?

I’ve read that Paul Holmes drafted the initial snivelling statement that Veitch read out to the media throng last week.  I believe it too.  The whole “me, me” flavour of the statement reeks of Holmes and his over inflated ego.

Colleague and friend Brendan Telfer describes Veitch as a broken man and accused media rivals of playing a huge part in Veitch’s fall from grace, suggesting that Veitch “should be judged by the courts, not the media!” Quite true, only, he wasn’t going to be judged by the courts was he? In fact he paid $170,000 to Kirsten Dunne-Powell in order to escape being judged at all, didn’t he?

It is nice to see however, the media go after one of their own like a pack of ravenous pit bulls for a change.

Veitch: RNZ and TVNZ knew!

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This weekend it has emerged that both Radio New Zealand and TVNZ knew of the issue between Tony Veitch and former partner Kirsten Dunne Powell.  According to the NZ Herald, TVNZ bosses viewed it as a civil matter settled privately between parties and contend that they had a limited knowledge of the incident and certainly none of the details of the assault that emerged during the week.  Dare I suggest an air of plausible deniability hangs over them?  Ask him no questions and he’ll tell you no lies? 

TVNZ has taken Veitch of their Olympic reporting team, it remains to be seen as to whether or not he will retain his employment with either broadcaster.  Their knowledge, limited or not and lack of disciplinary action at the time, will have an effect on future disciplinary action.

Police have meanwhile launched an investigation into the affair.

Veitch has given an interview to his fellow Radio NZ colleague Paul Holmes (biased much?).  According to Stuff, the tape of the interview includes off the record comment which the Police are interested in.  Holmes is refusing to discuss the matter but it is expected that the tape which was handed back to Holmes following it’s transcription, will be the subject of a search warrant.  It’s current whereabouts is unknown. 

From what I have seen of the interview, it’s more excuses…

“Imagine yourself in the worst possible situation with your partner,” the sportscaster told Herald on Sunday. “Something terrible had happened and we both knew that. This was a Sunday night. After about three hours of being with her at the hospital I had to go and jump on Radio Sport for a radio show for a couple of hours.” (NZ Herald)

All I am hearing is “me,me,me”  Poor little Tony, he had to go to work for a couple of hours…what about poor Kirsten?   At that point he though she only had bruising. Charming, so he beat the living crap out of his former partner, went to the hospital with her and before she was fully diagnosed, he went to work.  He couldn’t even ring in sick and remain with her why? I’d contend that he went to work because he was already in denial and cover up mode….

And Veitch says he always expected the incident to come out…

“And every single time my phone rang, I would think ‘this is it, this is the day’. And the phone call came on a Sunday, and hour and a half before I did One News and I was nearly vomiting on the news.” (NZ Herald)

Again with the Me me me…

But hey, the one bright spot for Veitch is if it hadn’t have happened, he wouldn’t have gone to counselling…

“I would not have learned how to have a relationship and I would not have fallen in love and I wouldn’t be married now. I would be alone.” (NZ Herald)

Another “Me” statement.

But he’s contrite and he’d do a domestic violence campaign in a flash!

Well excuse my cynicism, but what makes Tony Veitch think he is qualified to appear in a Domestic Violence campaign?  The fact he beat his former partner, paid her hush money and is sorry that the incident has been exposed is hardly true contrition.

“One thing I hope out of all of this, I hope that New Zealand gets the message.” (NZ Herald)

Oh yes, WE have the message, the question Tony….is have YOU got the message?

Derek Fox, Tony Veitch and Domestic Abuse

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Tony Veitch assaulted his partner two years ago, revelations today put the amount of “hush” money paid to his ex partner Kirsten Dunne-Powell at around $170,000.  Radio NZ has suspended Veitch and the general consensus is that TVNZ should do the same.  The majority of views in the Heralds your views section call for him to be fired.

“Bernie (Helensville) Todays editorial has missed the point. Tony Veitch is not a role model. His is is a public persona to sell commercials (as with all others).
He has destroyed the commercial value of his persona and destroyed his credibility by “the cover-up”. If the little coward had a shred of decency he would/should have resigned.”

“Voice of reason (Henderson) I can’t believe the amount of people who are making excuses for Tony. It explains why New Zealand has such a poor record on domestic violence. If he had committed this crime, (and yes guys it is a crime to put your partner in a wheel chair) went to court and paid for his crimes then perhaps we should move on. However he used his money to escape justice, meet a new partner and carry on with his life. Whilst the victim suffered. We all like to go on about how we need more rights for the victim and less for the criminal. What about the rights of the victim not to be pressured and bribed into keeping quiet. A lot of readers here seem to favor the rights of the criminal to have a successful career and live in peace. Times up Tony.”

Veitch’s apology was hollow, as I previously noted, it should have started and ended with, I’m sorry, I was wrong.  Instead Veitch excused his actions as a result of being under pressure, working two jobs, being on medication.  He also added he’s had counselling since then.

If he was under pressure in 2006 from working two jobs, what’s he under now that his abuse has been spread all over the media? If Zoe Halford is smart, she’ll keep the number for Women’s Refuge handy and ensure she’s constantly near a phone to call 111.

If it’s not good enough for a celebrity to be in the public eye having assaulted his partner, what about an MP?

The Maori party apparently knew all about Derek Fox’ past when they offered him the chance to stand.  Considering Maori are disproportionately represented in Domestic Violence statistics, I am appalled.  Perhaps they need a reminder…

Maori Party leader Tariana Turia said

“I’m totally intolerant of violence, I don’t mind telling you that, but I also believe that the way to stop violence is to support [people] to get the right help and then to support them after, and that’s what the party intends to do.” (source NZ Herald)

Mr Fox said he had done things in his past he regretted, but had spent years since trying to contribute positively to society.

A former un named partner reveals a historic fist fight, during which she defended herself but came off second best.  She has confirmed that she was not hospitalised as a result but had asked Mr Fox not to stand for parliament in 1999 and again this year, fearing their history would become news.

Fox’ candidacy for the Ikaroa-Rawhia seat currently held by Parekura Horomia is subject to a formal complaint by another(?) former partner Atareta Poananga.  The complaint is described as a “waste of time” by party co leader Dr Pita Sharples.

Hmmm historic or not, it’s not ok!

Tony Veitch

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So, Tony Veitch has admitted to assaulting his ex partner Kirsten Dunne-Powell, he’s apologised to his ex, to his bosses and lastly he’s apologised to the people of New Zealand.  For what?

Not living up to our supposed expectations?  I don’t know him, why should I care?  Thinking we might care is the height of arrogance.  Seriously he’s a talking head, what he does isn’t earth shattering, he never had my respect to lose.

As for his heartfelt apology….

Well I’ve always been under the impression that anything said after, “I’m sorry, I was wrong” is merely an excuse. 

And excuse himself he did…. 

the incident happened when he was at his “lowest ebb”           

“I broke and lashed out in anger”

He blamed work stress at the time for the incident and said he had been on medication.

“I know what I did was wrong and it will never happen again,” he said.

There is no excuse for what he did, not because he is a so called celebrity, but because there is no excuse for assaulting anyone, ever.  Especially to the point of allegedly breaking their back, causing a head injury and hospitalising them.

What he did falls under the Crimes Act, a Serious possibly even a Grievous Assault. Now that he has confessed, he should be charged and I am glad that the Police are indeed looking at charging him.

As for the pay out.  Who cares what he paid her? Not me. 

I just can’t understand what type of woman accepts payment for her silence after being assaulted to that or any degree.

The solution is not Asian Vigilantes and Triads

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A vigilante is a person who ignores due process of law and enacts his or her own form of justice when they deem the response of the authorities to be insufficient. (source Wikipedia)

On Saturday 5th July and estimated 10,000 people marched in South Auckland against crime.  The march was organised by Peter Low of the Asian Anti Crime Group.  The results of which are quoted below.  Initially I thought it was just another media beat up, but I am flabbergasted to discover that no, Mr Low’s remarks were not misinterpreted or misreported, this nutcase actually believes he has a right to act as a criminal for “the right reasons”.

low1 The east Auckland importer said if authorities tried to stop his vigilantes looking after their own, then the AAG would consider hiring local triads to protect his people from violent attacks. “We are a vigilante group and are training now,” he told the Sunday News. “We are training people in hand- to-hand combat and how to handle situations. I want this group to be legalised. If they [the police] don’t allow it, that’s when we might have to employ triads to protect our community,” he said. (source www.stuff.co.nz)

Mr Low, 55, said he had been organising his team of vigilantes for months but brought forward the start date because of the recent violent deaths of three Asians.

“The police and laws in New Zealand are a joke, and when we live in a society where the police and the law cannot protect us we have no choice but to do everything we can to protect ourselves.”

PETER LOW: No, they act as a security and this is in our community. We might get people from the Australia, we may get people from Singapore, Malaysia or China and Vietnam, we don’t know.  But I got money I can do anything. I can hire them as my security, I can hire them as my bodyguard. I’ve been thinking this for long time.(Source The World Today Australia)

I got money, I can do anything?

Peter Low seems to be saying, that while crime is perpetrated by Maori, Pacific Island and European’s it is unacceptable, but if it’s perpetrated by Asians, it’s ok!

I wonder how Mr Low would have responded had a local Maori business man stood up and stated “We might have to employ Black Power/The Mongrel Mob/Headhunters etc to protect our community and act as personal bodyguards? 

I have friends from various parts of Asia, a Chinese friend tells me that the service the NZ Police provide to Asians, eg Asian Liaison Officers, Providing a interpreters and actively recruiting Asian Police Officers, is far more than the Police in China provide not just to Europeans living there, but to their own people.   Meanwhile, Singapore is known world wide as a Police State.  India on the other hand, is known for corruption within it’s Police and Justice system. 

NZ is on the other hand, relatively free of corruption, our Police are overworked and stretched to say the least and I agree our Criminal Justice System is soft on criminals.  However, there are avenues of protest and action that do not involve contracting criminals to act on our behalf.