July 08


  • In yesterdays NZ Herald Paul Holmes gave his view on the affair.  Holmes is a personal friend and colleague of Veitch, he interviewed Veitch a week after the official press conference when Veitch admitted to “lashing out” and it is rumoured that Holmes penned the statement given at the conference.  I am determined he shouldn’t have the last word. More


  • xinxin
  • On Monday, The Prince and I took the children down to the Waikato for a day trip.  Upon our return that evening I was horrified to hear of abduction of a 5 year old girl, by a masked man who put her into a silver car and drove away, whilst playing outside her home in a quiet suburban street with her cousin Max. More
  • So it’s taken over a week but both parties in this affair have done the right thing, Kristen Dunne-Powell has laid a complaint and Tony Veitch has fallen on his sword.  What astounds me is that once the matter became public, both chose to try to weather the storm so to speak. More


  • This weekend it has emerged that both Radio New Zealand and TVNZ knew of the issue between Tony Veitch and former partner Kirsten Dunne Powell. More


  • Tony Veitch assaulted his partner two years ago, revelations today put the amount of “hush” money paid to his ex partner Kirsten Dunne-Powell at around $170,000. More


  • So, Tony Veitch has admitted to assaulting his ex partner Kirsten Dunne-Powell, he’s apologised to his ex, to his bosses and lastly he’s apologised to the people of New Zealand.  For what? More


  • On Saturday 5th July and estimated 10,000 people marched in South Auckland against crime.  The march was organised by Peter Low of the Asian Anticrime Group More


  • I’m forever arguing with the wee pipi princess about her clothes.  She loves those Bratz dolls, oversized heads and skimpy clothes, if I’d been given a doll with a head that large as a child, I would have run away screaming. I’m all for not exploiting children, children should be children, I agree. More


  • The more teenagers visit shops where cigarettes are on display, the more likely they are to start smoking, new research by anti-smoking organisation ASH says.  Last year 27,000 Year 10 students from 238 schools were asked questions which indicated their susceptibility to smoking such as “If your best friend offered you a cigarette, would you smoke it?” More 

June 08


  • Clamp downs on the Sale of Liquor won’t work. More


  • As Counties/Manukau detectives work on their 4th homicide in two weeks, the nation shakes it’s collective head and looks to the Government to fix the sad state of affairs, this is after all an election year. More

May 08

  • The video the Mongrel Mob don’t want you to see.  Ross Kemp on Gangs, season 1 episode 2, New Zealand Mongrel Mob More

March 08

  • In the past few years Police have been censured for pursuing fleeing motorists.  Every time someone is killed or injured during a pursuit the NZ Herald in particular runs a your views column on whether or not Police should pursue drivers. More

January 08

  • Jimmy Mason, the Christchurch NZ father who wanted an official Police warning removed from his record after an ear flicking incident in December 07, has now been charged with two counts of assault.  Police state they laid charges following a review of the evidence. More


  • On or about December 23rd 07, a story broke in the news about a major fraud affecting about a 180 Chinese and Indian Immigrants. Keith Lapham, a master licensee for the home maintenance company Green Acres sold 180 bogus franchise licenses for between $20,000 and $25,000 each. More


  • Jimmy Mason was reported to Police and formally warned after flicking his 3 year old son Seth on the ear, following a biking accident involving his 2 year old son Zach who injured his eye.  Police were called to the scene by an off duty officer. More

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