Daily Life

  • I’m not one for reviews, but last night I caught the beginning of a new comedy called Burying Brian:
  • More


  • How you can save money, the cost of food and petrol is rising. I’ve surfed the web to find some sites that help with the cost of everyday life, reader submissions are welcomed: More


  • My local grocery store is one of the largest in the country.  It seems like no matter what time of day or which day I go, every man and his dog is out getting their provisions More


  • Earlier in the year, I wrote about the house next door, it’s actually behind me because it’s down a long driveway.  Two teenaged boys live there and hold parties on a regular basis. More 


  • The disorganised Mother, I’m a pretty disorganised wife and Mother, it’s true.  We have a strange and disorganised routine thanks to me being a shift worker.  I have a 10 day cycle, working two early shifts, two late shifts and two night shifts, then I have 4 days off, which is really 3 because the first day off I finish work at 7am and I am a complete write off for the day. More


  • Overheard on an escalator in the mall, two teenagers discussing a friend. More


  • When did pregnancy become public property? While I am not currently pregnant, nor am I intending to become pregnant, I do hang out at parenting message boards.  Something I have noticed with increasing frequency is the number of pregnant women complaining about complete strangers feeling free to give their opinions to pregnant women. More


  • I survived my 40th birthday without incident.  We travelled to the far north of the North Island to stay at my parents home.  I guess that would be with the Paua King and Queen? More


  • Dear Neighbours, I am seriously sick of your parties,  I know you are a bunch a teenagers, living in your Dad’s house and whooping it up because schools out, but this has to stop.  I can’t cope with this every weekend… More


  • The Prince and Princeling went fishing with the Prince’s boss out on the harbour. They left before I got up but according to the Pipi Princess, who got up as they were leaving, it wasn’t long. More

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