I enjoy a diverse number of crafts, calligraphy, crochet, jewellery making in various forms.  Most of which I discovered through having the Pipis.

The current craze is “friendship bracelets”.  Here is the link I found most helpful.  I will upload some pics when I get a minute.

I’m also in the middle of making the Pipi Princess a new blankie, her old one had an unhappy accident with the dryer, it seems the Prince cannot tell the difference between real wool and acrylic.  Luckily I managed to save the Princelings blankie from the same fate.  I would have bawled as it’s huge and took me months to make.  Pics of the blankie when I get a chance too.

  • backdoor How I fixed the Back Step (Mosaic Project) When Sparkie the Palace guard dog was a pup, he suffered terribly from separation anxiety.  If he was outside, he took his frustrations out on the back step and door frame.  As you can see, he chewed it pretty badly.  Having waited fruitlessly for some two years for the Prince to spring into action and fix it,  I’ve taken matters into my own hands.   Thus begins my foray into the art of mosaic. More

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