Ma Xin Xin

On Monday, The Prince and I took the children down to the Waikato for a day trip.  Upon our return that evening I was horrified to hear of abduction of a 5 xinxinyear old girl, by a masked man who put her into a silver car and drove away, whilst playing outside her home in a quiet suburban street with her cousin Max.

It’s now Friday and there is no word of Ma Xin Xin.

The media are somewhat critical about the lack of information coming forth from the Police.  So far all that has been said is that the premeditated nature of this crime, has lead Police to conclude that this was not a random act.   A statement to reassure the public that some crazed Paedophile isn’t snatching little girls as the opportunity arises.

The Police have also released a statement in answer to the media criticism stating that their number one priority is the safe return of Ma Xin Xin to her family, when they have information that they believe is critical for the public at large to know, they will release it.

Sounds sensible to me.  But continued critcisim is having an effect… This from Sky Kiwi’s website

Albany resident Rose Zhang said: “There seems to be more questions than answers to this case. Like why … haven’t the police released more details such as the picture of the vehicle involved or description of the man who kidnapped Xin Xin?”

Perhaps because the only witness was an 8 year old child who described a silver car and a masked man Rose?

The media, having nothing official to report are now reporting speculation.  So called associates of Ma Jian are said to have been turning up at a prior home, asking for money owed.  There’s talk of Triads, questions as to whether Xin Xin’s father Ma Jian arranged the abduction because Xin Xin was not allowed to go visit her paternal grandparents.  Someone has even suggested that the abductor was Chinese because little Xin Xin cried out in Mandarin for help.

None of this is productive.

Yes, we all feel for the family.  We all want to know that Xin Xin has been safely returned to them and I’m sure that somewhere inside us all, we want to know the reasons why this happened.

But at what cost?

Are the interests of the public to be put above the life of a child?  Does our interest outweigh her safety?

I for one am confident that should the Police require the help of the public, they will ask for it.  They have assured us this was a premeditated crime, allaying our fears is a requirement, but that should be sufficient.  Unless of course, they have someone of interest to locate or a sighting.

Meanwhile all we need to do is keep our eyes open for the little girl in the top left of this screen.

Xin Xin Ma has been safely returned to her family following a Police Operation, the details of which have yet to be released.


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