Formal Complaint laid against Veitch

Auckland City Police investigating allegations of assault by Mr Tony Veitch can confirm that they have received a formal complaint from the former partner named in the media. Police have nothing further to add at this stage.

Noreen Hegarty

Police Media Officer.

That’s the Police media release that came out at 5:41pm last night. (source NZ Police)

At 2pm yesterday afternoon Tony Veitch released the following statement:

I have tendered my resignation to TVNZ and The Radio Network today.

I need to take stock of my life and spend time with my family before I make any decisions about my future. At the time I undertook counselling and am still continuing to do so. It has been a great help. I am extremely grateful for the love and support of my family and friends.

I would ask that people now respect the agreement Kristin and I made to keep our personal affairs private. At all times I have been honest with my employers and at all times I have tried to do the right thing for everyone. TVNZ has been my life, I have loved my job. There have been a lot of statements made that are untrue which make it untenable now for me to continue in my current roles with TVNZ and the Radio Network.

I would like to thank both TVNZ and The Radio Network for their ongoing support. I would also like to thank the many individuals who have reminded me of their belief in me at a time such as this. It gives me strength for the future. (source NZ Herald)

So it’s taken over a week but both parties in this affair have done the right thing, Kristen Dunne-Powell has laid a complaint and Tony Veitch has fallen on his sword.  What astounds me is that once the matter became public, both chose to try to weather the storm so to speak.

What would have been the outcome with regards to public opinion had Veitch taken the sword falling option in the first instance? You’d think those inside the media would be a little savvy wouldn’t you?

I’ve read that Paul Holmes drafted the initial snivelling statement that Veitch read out to the media throng last week.  I believe it too.  The whole “me, me” flavour of the statement reeks of Holmes and his over inflated ego.

Colleague and friend Brendan Telfer describes Veitch as a broken man and accused media rivals of playing a huge part in Veitch’s fall from grace, suggesting that Veitch “should be judged by the courts, not the media!” Quite true, only, he wasn’t going to be judged by the courts was he? In fact he paid $170,000 to Kirsten Dunne-Powell in order to escape being judged at all, didn’t he?

It is nice to see however, the media go after one of their own like a pack of ravenous pit bulls for a change.


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