Veitch: RNZ and TVNZ knew!

This weekend it has emerged that both Radio New Zealand and TVNZ knew of the issue between Tony Veitch and former partner Kirsten Dunne Powell.  According to the NZ Herald, TVNZ bosses viewed it as a civil matter settled privately between parties and contend that they had a limited knowledge of the incident and certainly none of the details of the assault that emerged during the week.  Dare I suggest an air of plausible deniability hangs over them?  Ask him no questions and he’ll tell you no lies? 

TVNZ has taken Veitch of their Olympic reporting team, it remains to be seen as to whether or not he will retain his employment with either broadcaster.  Their knowledge, limited or not and lack of disciplinary action at the time, will have an effect on future disciplinary action.

Police have meanwhile launched an investigation into the affair.

Veitch has given an interview to his fellow Radio NZ colleague Paul Holmes (biased much?).  According to Stuff, the tape of the interview includes off the record comment which the Police are interested in.  Holmes is refusing to discuss the matter but it is expected that the tape which was handed back to Holmes following it’s transcription, will be the subject of a search warrant.  It’s current whereabouts is unknown. 

From what I have seen of the interview, it’s more excuses…

“Imagine yourself in the worst possible situation with your partner,” the sportscaster told Herald on Sunday. “Something terrible had happened and we both knew that. This was a Sunday night. After about three hours of being with her at the hospital I had to go and jump on Radio Sport for a radio show for a couple of hours.” (NZ Herald)

All I am hearing is “me,me,me”  Poor little Tony, he had to go to work for a couple of hours…what about poor Kirsten?   At that point he though she only had bruising. Charming, so he beat the living crap out of his former partner, went to the hospital with her and before she was fully diagnosed, he went to work.  He couldn’t even ring in sick and remain with her why? I’d contend that he went to work because he was already in denial and cover up mode….

And Veitch says he always expected the incident to come out…

“And every single time my phone rang, I would think ‘this is it, this is the day’. And the phone call came on a Sunday, and hour and a half before I did One News and I was nearly vomiting on the news.” (NZ Herald)

Again with the Me me me…

But hey, the one bright spot for Veitch is if it hadn’t have happened, he wouldn’t have gone to counselling…

“I would not have learned how to have a relationship and I would not have fallen in love and I wouldn’t be married now. I would be alone.” (NZ Herald)

Another “Me” statement.

But he’s contrite and he’d do a domestic violence campaign in a flash!

Well excuse my cynicism, but what makes Tony Veitch think he is qualified to appear in a Domestic Violence campaign?  The fact he beat his former partner, paid her hush money and is sorry that the incident has been exposed is hardly true contrition.

“One thing I hope out of all of this, I hope that New Zealand gets the message.” (NZ Herald)

Oh yes, WE have the message, the question Tony….is have YOU got the message?


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