Derek Fox, Tony Veitch and Domestic Abuse

Tony Veitch assaulted his partner two years ago, revelations today put the amount of “hush” money paid to his ex partner Kirsten Dunne-Powell at around $170,000.  Radio NZ has suspended Veitch and the general consensus is that TVNZ should do the same.  The majority of views in the Heralds your views section call for him to be fired.

“Bernie (Helensville) Todays editorial has missed the point. Tony Veitch is not a role model. His is is a public persona to sell commercials (as with all others).
He has destroyed the commercial value of his persona and destroyed his credibility by “the cover-up”. If the little coward had a shred of decency he would/should have resigned.”

“Voice of reason (Henderson) I can’t believe the amount of people who are making excuses for Tony. It explains why New Zealand has such a poor record on domestic violence. If he had committed this crime, (and yes guys it is a crime to put your partner in a wheel chair) went to court and paid for his crimes then perhaps we should move on. However he used his money to escape justice, meet a new partner and carry on with his life. Whilst the victim suffered. We all like to go on about how we need more rights for the victim and less for the criminal. What about the rights of the victim not to be pressured and bribed into keeping quiet. A lot of readers here seem to favor the rights of the criminal to have a successful career and live in peace. Times up Tony.”

Veitch’s apology was hollow, as I previously noted, it should have started and ended with, I’m sorry, I was wrong.  Instead Veitch excused his actions as a result of being under pressure, working two jobs, being on medication.  He also added he’s had counselling since then.

If he was under pressure in 2006 from working two jobs, what’s he under now that his abuse has been spread all over the media? If Zoe Halford is smart, she’ll keep the number for Women’s Refuge handy and ensure she’s constantly near a phone to call 111.

If it’s not good enough for a celebrity to be in the public eye having assaulted his partner, what about an MP?

The Maori party apparently knew all about Derek Fox’ past when they offered him the chance to stand.  Considering Maori are disproportionately represented in Domestic Violence statistics, I am appalled.  Perhaps they need a reminder…

Maori Party leader Tariana Turia said

“I’m totally intolerant of violence, I don’t mind telling you that, but I also believe that the way to stop violence is to support [people] to get the right help and then to support them after, and that’s what the party intends to do.” (source NZ Herald)

Mr Fox said he had done things in his past he regretted, but had spent years since trying to contribute positively to society.

A former un named partner reveals a historic fist fight, during which she defended herself but came off second best.  She has confirmed that she was not hospitalised as a result but had asked Mr Fox not to stand for parliament in 1999 and again this year, fearing their history would become news.

Fox’ candidacy for the Ikaroa-Rawhia seat currently held by Parekura Horomia is subject to a formal complaint by another(?) former partner Atareta Poananga.  The complaint is described as a “waste of time” by party co leader Dr Pita Sharples.

Hmmm historic or not, it’s not ok!


2 Responses to “Derek Fox, Tony Veitch and Domestic Abuse”

  1. shirley faulkner Says:

    This is the sort of person we want as a role model for our children?
    What, are we teaching our kids?
    I have heard children say they “think he is wonderful and want to be like him”
    Adverts on the tele say ” it is not O.K. for violence of any kind” Well all this is showing is that these ads are a joke.
    Then we have a public, front line person who puts his partner in a wheel chair. Then has the gall to get married to someone else.
    Making an excuse of two jobs, stress and so on, hang on a minute, there are others in the work force who are under stress with their jobs but do not put partners or their children in wheelchairs. I, personally do not accept these feeble excuses. This man in his temper, has destroyed this girls life, he should not be put in such a position again.
    TVNZ, take note of what is being said and keep him out.
    We do not need this kind of role model, we do not need this kind of behaviour, we do not need this kind of person in our lounges, we not need our children watching and admiring this man .

  2. The issue is straightforward enough – a crime was committed and there is only one way to deal with that in this country. For everyone. The process for dealing with physical assault is (should be) the same for everyone no matter their job/public persona/race/what they wear/notoriety… whatever. The assailant/perpetrator does not get to choose their own consequences, do they? That is why we have a common law. The man has admitted publicly to commiting a crime, why hasn’t he been charged?

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