Tony Veitch

So, Tony Veitch has admitted to assaulting his ex partner Kirsten Dunne-Powell, he’s apologised to his ex, to his bosses and lastly he’s apologised to the people of New Zealand.  For what?

Not living up to our supposed expectations?  I don’t know him, why should I care?  Thinking we might care is the height of arrogance.  Seriously he’s a talking head, what he does isn’t earth shattering, he never had my respect to lose.

As for his heartfelt apology….

Well I’ve always been under the impression that anything said after, “I’m sorry, I was wrong” is merely an excuse. 

And excuse himself he did…. 

the incident happened when he was at his “lowest ebb”           

“I broke and lashed out in anger”

He blamed work stress at the time for the incident and said he had been on medication.

“I know what I did was wrong and it will never happen again,” he said.

There is no excuse for what he did, not because he is a so called celebrity, but because there is no excuse for assaulting anyone, ever.  Especially to the point of allegedly breaking their back, causing a head injury and hospitalising them.

What he did falls under the Crimes Act, a Serious possibly even a Grievous Assault. Now that he has confessed, he should be charged and I am glad that the Police are indeed looking at charging him.

As for the pay out.  Who cares what he paid her? Not me. 

I just can’t understand what type of woman accepts payment for her silence after being assaulted to that or any degree.


One Response to “Tony Veitch”

  1. Whilst I agree with you in part ie: no one deserves to be assulted, charges should be laid, what kind of women accepts money for silence etc .. however, where I disagree is that you find it arrogance that we might care as the NZ public. The truth is – going forward how can a person “talking head” as you call him have a future as a talking head that we are prepared to listen to without bias when during the ads they are playing the “its not ok ad campain”. It sends mixed messages to abusers out there. Punishment for the crime I say. Mess all round really – however, if TVNZ were my company I would want someone with high morals, high standards working for me. The only reason this guy is sorry is because he has been caught. He lied to the hospital and needs to pay for his crime.

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