The solution is not Asian Vigilantes and Triads

A vigilante is a person who ignores due process of law and enacts his or her own form of justice when they deem the response of the authorities to be insufficient. (source Wikipedia)

On Saturday 5th July and estimated 10,000 people marched in South Auckland against crime.  The march was organised by Peter Low of the Asian Anti Crime Group.  The results of which are quoted below.  Initially I thought it was just another media beat up, but I am flabbergasted to discover that no, Mr Low’s remarks were not misinterpreted or misreported, this nutcase actually believes he has a right to act as a criminal for “the right reasons”.

low1 The east Auckland importer said if authorities tried to stop his vigilantes looking after their own, then the AAG would consider hiring local triads to protect his people from violent attacks. “We are a vigilante group and are training now,” he told the Sunday News. “We are training people in hand- to-hand combat and how to handle situations. I want this group to be legalised. If they [the police] don’t allow it, that’s when we might have to employ triads to protect our community,” he said. (source

Mr Low, 55, said he had been organising his team of vigilantes for months but brought forward the start date because of the recent violent deaths of three Asians.

“The police and laws in New Zealand are a joke, and when we live in a society where the police and the law cannot protect us we have no choice but to do everything we can to protect ourselves.”

PETER LOW: No, they act as a security and this is in our community. We might get people from the Australia, we may get people from Singapore, Malaysia or China and Vietnam, we don’t know.  But I got money I can do anything. I can hire them as my security, I can hire them as my bodyguard. I’ve been thinking this for long time.(Source The World Today Australia)

I got money, I can do anything?

Peter Low seems to be saying, that while crime is perpetrated by Maori, Pacific Island and European’s it is unacceptable, but if it’s perpetrated by Asians, it’s ok!

I wonder how Mr Low would have responded had a local Maori business man stood up and stated “We might have to employ Black Power/The Mongrel Mob/Headhunters etc to protect our community and act as personal bodyguards? 

I have friends from various parts of Asia, a Chinese friend tells me that the service the NZ Police provide to Asians, eg Asian Liaison Officers, Providing a interpreters and actively recruiting Asian Police Officers, is far more than the Police in China provide not just to Europeans living there, but to their own people.   Meanwhile, Singapore is known world wide as a Police State.  India on the other hand, is known for corruption within it’s Police and Justice system. 

NZ is on the other hand, relatively free of corruption, our Police are overworked and stretched to say the least and I agree our Criminal Justice System is soft on criminals.  However, there are avenues of protest and action that do not involve contracting criminals to act on our behalf. 


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