60 Minutes Story, Little Women

Being the mother of a so called “tweenaged” daughter, I watched this story on 60 Minutes with interest.  I’m forever arguing with the wee pipi princess about her clothes.  She loves those Bratz dolls, oversized heads and skimpy clothes, if I’d been given a doll with a head that large as a child, I would have run away screaming. I’m all for not exploiting children, children should be children, I agree.

Ás the blurb for the story says “In Australia, there have been calls for government intervention – for a ban on advertisements of some nappies, for example, for fear that paedophiles might find them arousing.”

Banning nappy (diaper) advertisements in case a paedophile gets off on them? That’s going a bit far isn’t it? But hang on…Where do we stop?  Do we even need legislation?

PETER OVERTON: Catharine Lumby is Professor of Media Studies at the University of NSW and a member of the Advertising Standards Board.

CATHARINE LUMBY: As a parent of a six and eight year old, what deeply concerns me is that my children will get the message that their bodies are dangerous. That they can somehow provoke child sexual abuse by what they wear or what they don’t wear.

PETER OVERTON: What about a child in a catalogue in a bra or underpants?

CATHARINE LUMBY: I don’t see that as sexual.

PETER OVERTON: But what does a paedophile see that image as sexual?

CATHARINE LUMBY: Peter, if we start running society because of paedophiles and in relation to what paedophiles think, I think were going down a very dangerous path.

PROFESSOR LOUISE NEWMAN: I think if this sort of images attracts even one paedophile to a preschool – then we have a significant issue.

CATHARINE LUMBY: Are we going to cave into these people? Are we going to start running society according to their way of seeing the world. No, we’re not on my watch. And I don’t want my children being sent that message. It makes me furious.

(Source 60 minutes transcript)

The “tween” market, girls aged between 7 and 12, according to this story, represents a 10 billion dollar market.  Whether or not our daughters are being bombarded with sexuality through the media of advertising, it occurs to me that those 10 billion dollars are not paid out by girls aged 7-12 years old.

As parents, we have the $.  If this ‘dangerous’ sexuality is bombarding our children, it’s because we allow it to. 

Ultimately what the Pipi Princess has in her toy box and wardrobe, is at my discretion.  Yes little girls want to be women, they want to wear bras, jewellery, perfume and make up, they want to emulate their Mum.  But it’s up to us as parents, to control that.  We don’t need to legislate, we need to parent.


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