More ASH stupidity

The more teenagers visit shops where cigarettes are on display, the more likely they are to start smoking, new research by anti-smoking organisation ASH says.  Last year 27,000 Year 10 students from 238 schools were asked questions which indicated their susceptibility to smoking such as “If your best friend offered you a cigarette, would you smoke it?” and “At any time in the next year do you think you will smoke a cigarette?”. With four possible responses, anyone not choosing “definitely not” was deemed at risk.

Oh for the love of GOD!

I started smoking as a teenager, in spite of all the anti smoking rhetoric that was preached to me at school.  Want to know why?  Well perhaps they should carry out a survey asking teens, “How likely are you to do something, you are told specifically not to do?”

This is a stacked survey, offer four possible answers and count everyone who answers anything but the 4th as at risk?  What a joke!  Did they also account for the fibbers in the definitely not answers?

Perhaps we should survey everyone born in 1850 that had strained carrots as a baby, what they are all dead? Well gosh, let conclude strained carrots are fatal! 

When you come up with a survey that doesn’t stack the odds in their favour, I might start actually paying attention!


2 Responses to “More ASH stupidity”

  1. I have to agree with you here.
    I sure didn’t start smoking because I saw them in a shop.
    These people forget what it is like to be a teenager, either that or they had no life as a teenager.

  2. I think they had no life. I did plenty I wasn’t meant to, specifically because I wasn’t meant to. And I was a pretty good teenager by all accounts.

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