I’m not one for reviews but…

I happen to be on holiday and caught the beginning of a brand new NZ made comedy series on TV One last night called “Burying Brian”.

The story opens with Jodie arriving home from a girls night out, the house is all locked up and Brian, her husband remains stubbornly asleep on the couch as she is forced to break a window to get in.  Once inside we see him snuggling his bong.  Jodie’s house, clean when she went out, is trashed!  She’s pissed and quite frankly… I can identify with that.  Jodie begins banging things around and tidying up.  Walking from the living room to the kitchen, she slips on a puddle of water left by the open fridge door, drops the plates and wakes Brian.

An argument ensues, during which Brian reveals he is only staying “for the kids” and he thinks he is the only one who gave up his dreams in sacrifice for their home and marriage.  Brian has a gold 45rpm record, framed and on the wall.  Jodie starts throwing things at him, the glass bong shatters on the ground, then Jodie throws the gold disc, Brian struggles to save his prized possession, slips in the same pool of water and lands face down on a sharp bottom of the bong, cutting his throat.  Can we say poetic justice?

We flash back to the girls night out, Jodie and her four friends, Theresa (married to a cop), Denise (dressed in pink and pathologically up beat) and Gerri (single advertising exec) are discussing the ultimate way to leave your husband, for a bath gel ad Gerri is about to make.  Jodie reckons she’d like to leave Brian with a knife in his back… it’s the only logical choice, if she leaves him, she loses the house, he’s to lazy to leave her, the only way is to kill him!  The music stops and everyone in the restaurant looks at Jodie as her words echo in the silence…

Back to the scene of the crime.

Pathologically cheery Denise arrives with Jodies keys, Jodie is in a blue funk, she’s already called Theresa,  Denise steps into the house, spies the body and suddenly, all new take charge Denise arrives, full of practicalities, Jodie can’t possibly call 111, everyone in the restaurant heard her talking about killing Brian, this doesn’t look like an accident!

So thereafter we have the farcical body disposal.  Denise is very creepy, psycho even in a comical kind of way as they race around in the dead of night, Brian wrapped in an oriental rug, they run over the neighbours yappy little dog and pass through a Police check point.  I laughed till I cried.

This morning I read the somewhat limp review by NZ Herald critic Linda Herrick, who seems unable to clarify the difference between documentary and comedy.  She thought it lacked credibility and might have some potential as the relationships between the four characters develop.

What a wowser that critic is!

Sure it was unbelievable and at times, farcical.  I think it was meant to be, you see, it’s a comedy, not a documentary about what happens when you accidentally kill your slob of a husband and have to dispose of the evidence.  The Herald talks about domestic violence as if this comedic effort was an ad for it. That’s patently ridiculous and overly pc, Burying Brian is refreshingly un pc.

Fact is, Burying Brian gave me a laugh, I’ve had enough of bad news, docos and stupid obvious comedy.  I doubt there’s a woman alive that couldn’t identify with the frustration of coming home after seldom taken night out to find every dish you own used and your kitchen looking like Gordon Ramsey’s nightmare.  If it weren’t slightly farcical, it would be  Helen Mirren housewife serial killer or something.  Perhaps Linda Herrick is so inured to American comedy, she missed the subtleties.

Burying Brian looks set to become the new “Outrageous Fortune” to me.  Strident Jodie has elements of Cheryl West, without the drive and  Gerri definitely has Cheryl’s ruthless streak.


2 Responses to “I’m not one for reviews but…”

  1. Yeah no…. programme was another example of NZers having no idea how to write comedy. Boriiiiing..

  2. To each their own.

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