Playing with cars on the motorway


Night shoots, I want to be able to do them and do them well, the problem is, I live in a large city with over a million other people, some of which are not so nice!  I don’t feel it’s altogether clever to go out at night, alone, carrying an expensive camera, a tripod and a bunch of lenses. 

So I joined New Zealand Flickr Meet ups NZFM.  A Flickr group comprising of New Zealanders as a whole and Aucklander’s in the majority, who get together and go out to take photo’s.  It makes sense, I get to meet new people and indulge my passion in safety. 

Tonight I went for my first meet up, The Prince was a little nervous about me heading out in the dark with a bunch of strangers, but I convinced him with my cellphone in hand, I’d be fine..  We decided to meet at the Hopetoun Bridge, which is conveniently situated with a stunning view of the city, over spaghetti junction, the place that all the motorways meet in a central spot. 

black-and-whiteThe Skytower isn’t lit at the moment because of the looming power crisis, apart from aviation lights so planes don’t crash into it, so it’s not it’s cheery self.  But power crisis or not, there are plenty of lights in Auckland.

Most of these shots are taken at f22, a small aperture means a slower shutter speed, hence we only get the lights of the cars and no actual cars in scene.  The motorway is seldom if ever as deserted as it appears in these images.  The small aperture also creates the starburst effect you can see on the street lighting.  Shutter speeds were between 20 and 30 seconds.

I had a lot of fun.  I’ve made some new friends and I get to share my hobby/passion with like minded people.  I can’t wait till next time!

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