High Dynamic Range Photography

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a way of taking and processing photos that give a greater range of tone.  Here is an explanation from Wikipedia.

I decided to try it today for the first time. Below is the resulting image converted to hdr in photoshop


Looks like a painting doesn’t it?  Photoshop CS2 has an automating procedure for creating hdr images that makes it fairly easy.

In order to create HDR images you need a minimum of 3 photographs at different exposures of the same subject.  In order to do that, a tripod is essential.  I changed the exposure level by adjusting my shutter speed until my camera indicated a different stop.  I started with an under exposed shot, moved my shutter speed and got a correctly exposed shot and then moved up a stop to an overexposed shot.  I did it that way for ease of processing.

Back home I downloaded the shots and processed them in CS2 using an online tutorial to help me.

Bearing in mind, this is my first effort, I will write a tutorial when I have tried this more often.  But for now, I am celebrating my first try.


2 Responses to “High Dynamic Range Photography”

  1. yesbuts Says:

    Try cropping the bottom 10% to reduce the amount of water – it makes for a more balance image – yes but what do I know about photography? 🙂

  2. Thanks for that, I will have a go at cropping it.

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