How you can save money

There is a lot in the news lately about the price of food and petrol increasing, the pressures on the family budget etc.  So I’ve had a look around the www for some sites that help.

All these sites are NZ sites:

The first I located was the destitute gourmet.  This is the site of Sophie Gray, several years ago, facing a significant drop in income Sophie was forced to reconsider her family food budget.  The result was a book of recipes and hints for saving money and still eating a contemporary tasty meal, without relying on pre packaged food or dining out. 

The site has a forum where others share their tips and recipes, a section for recipes by Sophie and money saving ideas.  Registration is free.

The destitute gourmet led me to another site called Simple Savings

Registration to Simple Savings is free or their is an option to pay a $47 fee to get access to more on the site.  Simple Savings offers advice to save money in a variety of areas, offers free downloads for a bill payment system, a purchase planner and menu planner amongst low cost cleaning information, hints for beautiful low cost gifts and all manner of things.  I haven’t fully investigated the site yet, there is a lot there, but so far what I have seen has been useful, for example, did you know soaking a bloodstain in milk will remove it?

So Simple Savings led me to Money TV, If you are familiar with the TV3 show the Money Man, you will recognise the authors of this blog.  If you are a visual learner you’ll love this site, full of video hints, how to save money for a deposit, how to work out if you can afford mortgage repayments so on and so forth.  There are also recommendations for books that help and all in all, this site teaches you how to better manage the money you have to get where you want to be or have what you want to have.


The following is a useful site from America.

Organized home is a site that helps you to better organise your home, including tips on cooking and freezing food, cutting clutter and organising your bills.  I actually find it useful.  The household planner helps to keep track of everyone’s activities, being better organised means saving both time and money.  There is a forum where other women will assist you with any confusion and everyone shares their hints.  There is also a sister site to help you organise your Christmas, with a countdown and hints for homemade gifts at a reasonable cost.


If anyone has any ideas or further sites to recommend, please feel free to add to the comments area.


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