The video the Mongrel Mob don’t want you to see

The episode of Ross Kemp on gangs about the Mongrel Mob in NZ, can be seen here it’s in 6 parts and you will need to sift and sort.  It isn’t easy to find as a ready to watch video, there are plenty of links to bit torrent clients but the video has been removed from Youtube.  Imagine that? 

According to The Sunday Star Times before appearing, the Mob members who appeared signed contracts guaranteeing that the doco wouldn’t be shown in NZ.  No wonder!  Watching the Mongrel Mob link themselves to Maori Culture and tradition is shaming and demeaning to Maori as a collective culture.

The documentary talks about the main cities but centres in the main on the East Coast of the North Island, the birthplace of the Mongrel Mob.  Opening with scenes of a vicious street fight between Black Power and Mongrel Mob members, fighting with hammers and steel bars.

Since when is raping, beating and murdering, a 16 year old girl on a riverbank part of Maori culture?  The “code” they hold themselves accountable to, involves gang warfare, rape, murder and beatings.  How is that Maori Culture?  It’s not, rather it is an insult to Maoridom.

These people label themselves warriors, they are not!  They are nothing but lost, vicious and savage thugs.  They are lost to Maoridom, lost to society and the only people they are fooling by cloaking themselves in warrior metaphors are themselves.  Even as they are proudly describing vicious beatings, killings and such, they are casting themselves as victims of the system, misunderstood in their attempts to gain respect.  Sorry, tending the graves of martyrs to the cause doesn’t impress me. 

That they are threatened by by their own illegal drug trade, infighting and the law, is a good thing.  We don’t need this element residing in our midst and using culture as a facade to appear respectable.

No wonder they don’t want us to see it, they don’t want to be revealed for what they are.


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