The Party House

nomail Earlier in the year, I wrote about the house next door, it’s actually behind me because it’s down a long driveway.  Two teenaged boys live there and hold parties on a regular basis.  As I understand it, the father moved down to Wellington.  Quite frankly, I don’t blame him for moving, I just wish he’d rent his house to someone responsible.

The people directly next door, rent.  We’ve had two lots of neighbours in two years because of the parties, the cars peeling out of the driveway at high speed and the general noise that accompanies living next door to teenaged boys.

The last party, in addition to the usual loud music and multiple carloads of teens wandering the street and hanging outside my house, included a fight around my car and several Police cars arriving to break up the fray.  The following morning my bonnet was dented where someone either sat or landed on it and there was blood splattered all over the drivers door!

That is what became of their letterbox, it’s pole is bent at an angle toward the fence and it’s hanging by what was formerly it’s decorative ironwork about an inch off the ground.  How they ever get their mail delivered is beyond me.

Anyway, they’ve been relatively quiet after the last time.  This weekend being Easter, I guess it had to happen though.  I worked night shift so I was dressed and ready to leave about 8pm when the bottle smashingfest began. 

Smash, hmmmm sounds like someone broke a bottle I said to the Prince over the doosh doosh doosh of next doors stereo.  The Prince turned the telly up.  Smash, smash… What the hell is going on out there? I asked and made like I was about to go see…

The Prince being the gentlemanly type, wasn’t allowing little ol me out there, he knows I’d probably smash a bottle over someone’s head.  So he put on a shirt and padded out to check the surroundings.  He found a trail of smashed glass on our driveway and a sheepish looking teenager standing close by…

What happened?

I dunno mate, I was walking down the driveway and some dudes came past in a car and hurled bottles at me

Funny, I heard the glass but I didn’t hear a car!


You better clean it up, my wife is about to leave for work, I don’t want her getting a flat!


And how about turning down the stereo so I can hear my tv!

Ummm yeah, ok.

And so I went to work and the glass was magically gone.  I got a text from the Prince saying more bottles were being broken as I arrived at work.

I can’t wait till we do the weedeating up the back next Sunday, when they aren’t expecting it….


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