The disorganised Mother

I’m a pretty disorganised wife and Mother, it’s true.  We have a strange and disorganised routine thanks to me being a shift worker.  I have a 10 day cycle, working two early shifts, two late shifts and two night shifts, then I have 4 days off, which is really 3 because the first day off I finish work at 7am and I am a complete write off for the day.

The Prince usually gets the kids off to school, I am either working or sleeping.  I cook 4 out of the 6 nights that I work and on 3 of my days off.

This morning however, owing to the weird nature of switching from nights to days off, I woke at the unseemly hour of 5am.  When this happens, I give The Prince the morning off.  This morning I was the uber mom/wife. 

I spent an hour reading the paper, planning my day and sipping coffee, there isn’t much else you can do at 5am unless you want the entire household up.  I woke The Prince with a cup of coffee in bed at 7am, he protested I’d woken him late, I said relax, I will get everything going, you just get ready for work.  He sank back into the pillow and sipped his coffee with a puzzled air.

The princeling is never pleased to be woken, a child more in need of caffeine has never been seen, I kissed him and said it was time to get up and if he did it in a timely manner, I’d have his breakfast ready.  The Pipi princess is a morning person, I stole into her bedroom, got close to her ear and whispered “Santa’s been”… she smiled, opened her big brown eyes, blinked and said with a laugh, Mum you’re such a fibber! Then she closed her eyes again.  I told her if she got up I’d make her breakfast and asked what she wanted to eat (no point asking the princeling, his brain doesn’t function even while his eyes are open until he’s been up for at least half an hour, besides he’s a weetbix kid) she settled for weetbix, hot.

Out in the kitchen I made the breakfast, two bowls, 4 weetbix for the princeling, 2 for the pipi.  Hot water, a little sugar and top it all off with milk.  Then I went up and down the hallway telling the pipis to get their butts into the family room for breakfast before the dogs ate it.

By now the Prince was in the shower, he called for me and asked for a new bar of soap.  I handed it to him and gave him a progress report, kids up and dressed eating breakfast.  He asked if I’d ironed his shirt?  Ummm no, but I determined to do so.  I don’t usually iron for the Prince, he’s ex Army and my ironing just isn’t up to military standards evidently.  When he walked into the kitchen however, I was able to hand him an ironed shirt and he had the grace not to say a single word about “railroad tracks” on the arm creases.

By the time the pipis left, I had the dishwasher humming and the washing machine spinning.  I’d made their lunches and basically all they’d had to do all morning was eat and get dressed.

The Prince left muttering that with such a good start to the day, he’d likely get grumpy at work…..

I tidied up, planned a bacon and egg pie (the princes favourite meal) for dinner, I had sorted the laundry and decided to do a little research on school lunches, before I went shopping.  Apparently this is what the modern mother makes for her kids school lunches.  Holy star shaped carrots batman!  Where does this woman find the time?  I thought this morning I’d provided the pipis with an interesting lunch box, buttered crackers, to be assembled with tomato, salami and cheese all wrapped separately so they wouldn’t make the crackers soggy or heaven forfend, contaminate each others tastes, grapes and a muffin bar.  Obviously my pipi’s are getting the short end of the stick.  Alas they will continue to receive it because, I just don’t have the time to cut carrots into stars or turn pears into mice!


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