The Culling of the wardrobe

Now a woman and her clothes are not easily parted, I have/had clothing that predated my children by several years tucked away in my bursting at the seams wardrobe.  With the euphoria of the holidays behind me and a determination to be sleek and organised this year building, I decided upon the rash course and culled my wardrobe.  I emptied the contents drawers and wardrobe onto our bed and began to ruthlessly divest myself of clothing.

This involved not merely visual appraisal by myself, there was a lightning round of “Does my ass look huge in this/Do my thighs stick out” for the Prince seeing as he was on holiday too.  He looked frankly terrified as he carefully framed his responses to the dangerous questions I hurled at him.  To be honest, I was just impressed I could still fasten the business skirts I wore pre eldest child, the fact I could barely breath concerned me but I was willing to risk hyperventilation if my ass and thighs passed muster.  So carefully the Prince said, “don’t take this the wrong way but….” and I therefore consigned my pre pregnancies business clothes to the goodwill box.

I now have wardrobe and drawer space, my winter woolies are vacuum packed and stored under my bed and on the top shelf of our wardrobe.  The Prince erroneously assumed that some of this new found drawer space would be assigned to him and his ever burgeoning business wardrobe.

He: So can I have that drawer now it’s empty?


Why not?

You have two large drawers in the scotch dresser

Yes but you have two of those too and all the drawers in the dressing table, I have two drawers and you have 8!


Well now you have empty drawers, I thought I could put some of my stuff there.


Why not?

Because I need that drawer, I need all my drawers.

But it’s empty?

Yes, it’s empty now, but I get paid on Thursday!

So, you emptied all these drawers, and now you plan to fill them?

Well duh!

I will never understand you!

No of course not, that’s my mystique and part of what keeps you interested!

And poor!


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