Ear Flicking Dad Charged with assault

Jimmy Mason, the Christchurch NZ father who wanted an official Police warning removed from his record after an ear flicking incident in December 07, has now been charged with two counts of assault. Police state they laid charges following a review of the evidence.

Mason flicked his three-year-old son Seth after a biking accident involving his two-year-old son Zach who had injured his eye.

“Seth just wanted to go on riding. He didn’t realise the seriousness of it with the youngest one slipping in and out of consciousness,” Mr Mason told The Press newspaper at the time. “So I turned to Seth and flicked him on the ear and told him to shut up while we fixed up the young one.”

I’m currently of two minds.

If the incident is, as described above, two counts of assault seems to be a ridiculous over reaction. Is that one charge per finger?

If not, then what exactly did he do to attract more than one charge?

Regardless, if I had one toddler injured to the point of slipping in and out of consciousness and a pre schooler trying to ride off on his tricycle by himself whilst all this was going on, I think I would be pretty short and sharp myself.

The repeal of section 59 was intended to protect children who were abused. Not to punish good parents and prevent them from correcting their children, at least that is what Aunty Helen told us.

No matter what legislation they enact, inevitably it becomes the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. We already have proof that removing the parental right to reasonable force has not prevented the deaths of children. Instead, all parents are now bound and constricted because of the actions of a few.

Section 59 allowed parents to use “reasonable force” for the purpose of discipline. I fail to see how beating a child black and blue and beating a child to death, could ever have been construed as “reasonable” by the courts. In short the law as it existed provided for the court to punish parents who exceeded the bounds of acceptable discipline.

So rather than removing the right, why didn’t they define what IS reasonable? Why didn’t or don’t they define the difference between abuse and discipline?

Why hasn’t the court previously set a precedent?

Nobody wants to see children hurt, but this legislation is not the answer. The Government, has enacted this legislation as a smokescreen, to make it appear they are actually doing something, when in fact they are not. What have the actually done to reduce the risk? N O T H I N G! Children are still dying whilst Police are concerning themselves with chasing up and charging parents who give their pre schoolers a clip behind the ear for trying to race off whilst their younger brother lies seriously injured.

What would they be charging Jimmy Mason with if he had merely ignored his son or spoken to him and gone back to the injured child, and his son rode onto the road and got collected by a car?

Here is the one network news footage  of this case.


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