Night Photography: Mission Bay, Auckland

Mission bay jan08What do you do on a balmy summer evening in Auckland when you’ve just purchased a nice new car?  Well you go out for a drive and buy dinner of course.

I took this photo between Mission Bay and St Heliers looking back toward the city over the harbour.

The bright lights were cars coming around the bend by the Auckland Sailing Club into Mission Bay.  The cliffs are Bastion Point with the obelisk of the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial glowing at the top.

This is Auckland’s water front.

The cliffs are lit, as are the trees and it’s a lovely drive around the bays of Okahu, Mission and St Heliers.

I took this photo after dark with a long exposure, a little too long perhaps.  I’m still not that good with night photography.  It was however, a lot darker than it looks thanks to the ambient light in the city.  This was taken after 9pm during the “blue hour” that is the hour or so after sunset when the sky isn’t yet completely black.

I’d like to get a lot better at taking night shots. 

As it is, I like the shadows thrown up by the lighting on the cliff, the contours are all outlined and the area looks far more interesting than it does during the day with the harsh flat light of the sun.


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  1. gorgeous pic.

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