How I fixed the back doorstep: Mosaic Project

When Sparkie the Palace guard dog was a pup, he suffered terribly from separation anxiety.  If he was outside, he took his frustrations out on the back step and door frame.  As you can see, he chewed it pretty badly.  Having waited fruitlessly for some two years for the Prince to spring into action and fix it,  I’ve taken matters into my own hands.   Thus begins my foray into the art of mosaic…

backdoor Today I began, I had purchased some cheap tiles and I broke them this afternoon with a hammer.  I then waterblasted and  sanded the paintwork that was left on the doorstep to give the tile cement something to adhere to and arranged the broken bits into a crazy mosaic.  That took a while so my pattern is set but I have to wait for the wood in the step to dry so tomorrow, I will cement it.

Then I plan to put a nice frame around the bottom of the step.  A veneer or aluminium frame.

When the cement is dry, I will grout and seal the tiles, my back door has a porch so it’s not wholly exposed to the weather.  It should be fairly safe with a sealant to prevent too much gunk getting on the grout and keep it easy to clean.

I then plan to tile up the sides in a plain tile, to hide the scratches on the frame and to highlight the mosaic work.  I will post pictures of my progress and the end result over the next few days.


Today I cemented down the tiles, I took a picture but it looks the same as the above, so I will take another one when I have grouted the tiles, that one should come out looking more like the finished product.  So tomorrow it’s off to the hardware store for the grout.  I am thinking of going with a dark coloured grout to blend in better with the door frame.  I can’t wait to finish it.


Today I went to the hardware store and purchased black grout and a straight peice of aluminium to make a front plate for the step.  I had the prince drill holes groutedin the aluminium plate and screw it to the step.  That gave a nice smooth front to grout to and hid all the chewed up bits on the step quite nicely.

Then I mixed the grout 1 cup of grout and 80mls of water, it took just about a cup and a half to do the whole step. It’s now drying so I can clean off the film and spots that are left tomorrow.  I also need to measure the sides of the door so that I can tile up to the top of the bottom window pane and hide all those scratched sides.  You’ll notice that the pattern changed a little when I cemented it.

So far so good.  It will look nice with a good clean to get rid of the last vestiges of grout on the tiles.  Then I just need to seal it to protect the grout.


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  1. I love this!

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