How to burst a bubble

Saturday 12th January 2008.

The Prince and Princeling went fishing with the Prince’s boss out on the harbour.  They left before I got up but according to the Pipi Princess, who got up as they were leaving, it wasn’t long.  Which possibly means an episode of Hannah Montana.

As it was a girls only day here, the Pipi Princess and I went out to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  She had a jelly donut, I had a cruller and a moccacino.  Following that, we drifted into the pet shop and stared longingly at kittens, puppies, rabbits and birds who all stared meaningfully back at us.  I was especially taken with a tiger tabby kitten, who no doubt was astute enough to recognise a sucker when he saw her and kept coming up to the front of the cage every time I drew near. 

Deciding that the Palace feline, aka Cass the terrible would throw a feline hissy fit of hitherto unknown proportions if I arrived home with a strange kitten, not to mention the probable ire of my indulgent spouse who currently supports two dogs, a cat and a budgie despite his inherent ideas on pets, we left with nothing more than some carpet deodoriser (two dogs= doggy smell) and some flea treatment for the next two months.

We spent the remainder of the day lazing, doing dishes, eating and creating dishes, doing washing and watching tv whilst we waited for our erstwhile hunter gatherers to return with their bounty.

Around half past four the tell tale scrape of the gate peg on the concrete driveway indicated  their arrival.

They bounded into the house with a plastic bag held aloft, “Mum,” announced the Princeling, “Here are the fish we caught” and he handed me the bag.  I took it, expecting the gory sight of fish in full dress, including accusing eyes to be staring at me.  Inside was a parcel.  Wrapped in paper some fresh schnapper fillets…

Where’s the receipt? I asked the Princeling

Dad’s got it!

Their explanation, oh they caught a bunch of fish, but they were all undersized.  Oh and Dad caught a shark!

Uhhhhhhhh ok if you saaaaaaaaay soooooooo.


One Response to “How to burst a bubble”

  1. panoramia Says:

    Tiger-tabby, second only to glossy black panther types as my own all time favourite — amazing how anything so small as a kitten can have eyes half as big again as itself? Makes one think of P.I.Bs in Shrek … love the new site!

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